Inkoko: A sign of respect

chicken pieces

dinner is served

When prepared for in-laws only inondo (gizzard) should be put inside representing
hubby’s testicles. The liver should never be included because it symbolizeswife’s labias. Amasako represents amaso, “limo limo iliso lyandi” and when removing them, the chicken skin does not have to ripe just as you are not supposed to injure partner when shaving, the feathers are not supposed to thrown everywhere palubansa, they are to be disposed off well just as we are supposed to diposed the amaso well.

When the chicken is being prepared, the neck should be fitted in the space where the neck starts or the neck will be an insult because it will represent an erect penis! Positioning, the chicken should be laid sidewards (kabafu). When giving your hubby or visitors relish, thou shall not serve 3 pieces of relish! The gizzard and neck should be for hubby. The chisunsunya (back) should be the last piece to be given to hubby to symbolize that the chicken has finished in the pot.

Chickens feet, akakasa bana mayo we should be mindful of our movements (that’s why a prepared chicken never has its feet, kuputula akakasa kakuseyelako) and also our feet should be used well to palaula in search of food for our family and also our feet should never be used like a chicken muku pasaula ifintu especially hubby’s family. On the feet we remove the outer part of the claws, to represent hubby’s nails i always have to keep them trimmed.

The thighs, legs, wings represent my thighs, hands and legs and legs for holding him when doing the job in the bedroom. The chickens back, that’s my back on which i lay when making love. The chicken breast is where my hubby sleeps when making love.

Now we get to the head, the chickens eyes represent my eyes, they should only be able to see my hubby noti kunkala nachi mansomanso, the ears represent my ears, mfwile ukushinka amatwi, mfwile ukunasha ifya kumfwa umfwa just like the chickens ear’s are so small and can not be seen! The two growths under the beak represent my labias, i shud have labias as a woman. The growth on top of the head represents my clitoris for stimulation! The beak of the chicken represents ;the mouth, that’s the tool a chicken uses for fighting and inflicting pain on others, i should be able to use my mouth well, ichasa kanwa bana mayo and the words we use that hurt other people!



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